Evidence of me doing heavy lifting

Margie is a Senior Graphic Designer at Disney Publishing, leading Princess titles. She develops the global branding direction, composes style guides and collaborates with Art and Editorial on storytelling. Her specialties include Layout, Logos, Branding and Illustrations. 
She is actively involved in Climate Designers as the LA chapter lead and non-profit, Wish 4 WASH as the Art Director. She art directed and designed The Urban Farmers' Almanac for Angelenos, a guide for everyone that wants to live sustainably. It helps you find ways to make lifestyle changes that are affordable, healthier, and bring the joy that come from growing something yourself. She has volunteered for Project Drawdown helping promote a global event, AIGALA creating e-mails for the marketing team and rebranding The Honeybee Conservancy. She also has a small business named PengPals, painting custom pet portraits. 
Her career goals are to be a positive influence in the climate space by working with companies conscious of their footprint on the planet and questioning current norms to push for better solutions towards a brighter future.
Amazing companies I've collaborated with: