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Art directed and designed with Climate Designers, in collaboration with @SheGrowsCities to bring awareness to the growing need of taking individual climate action. From start to completion–conceptualized the look and feel of the almanac, project managed over 15 designers, strategized/designed the social media campaign for its digital release of the almanac and prepared a print booklet. All proceeds went to SOW Collective and Community Cookouts. ​​​​​​​

Topics of research

Many people are increasingly concerned about climate change and feel overwhelmed with how their every day decisions impact the environment. The Urban Farmers' Almanac is for any LA resident (and expanding) who wants to live more sustainably in an urban setting, but not sure where to start. From how we eat to how we travel to how we live, this guide provides tips and alternatives to make our transition to a sustainable lifestyle fun and easy. 
This sustainability almanac highlights:
•   the good work our communities are already doing to combat climate change 
•   provide ways and actions we can take to improve our urban lifestyle
•   puts a spotlight on grassroots causes and existing community gardens, local businesses, and environmental organizations​​​​​​​
Los Angeles Magazine featured a spotlight about the guide for Earth Month.
•   1,100+ clicks on the almanac page
•   circulated 100 print copies. Several copies located  the at CSU Village Market Place and SOW Collective Farm stand.
My colleagues and I hosted a workshop called: I <3 My City: Designing a Sustainable Guide for Your Community to highlight the work in progress of the almanac and give all the open sourced tools available use to create their own almanac for their city. Cities like Oakland, North Carolina, Oklahoma City, Seattle and New Jersey are building their own Almanac!
GIF of sample pages from The Urban Farmers' Almanac
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